Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance is an exclusive insurance plan that covers your wedding event. By buying an insurance plan for your wedding event, you protect it from various mishappening. 

Suppose it’s your wedding day, and it gets canceled or postponed? What if your wedding dress gets ruined by your aunt while ironing it? Your photographer gets into an emergency that he is unable to take your wedding shoot? 

What will you do in all these circumstances that are ruining the most special day of your life? Have you ever planned for such situations? If not, start thinking about it from NOW!

Anything can happen on this special occasion. You should keep yourself prepared and protected for such misfortunes.

Why do you need Wedding Insurance?

You need it to protect your wedding event, your spouse, your family, and the guests on the wedding event. It safeguards you from various potential risks. 

Moreover, the cost of an insurance plan is much less than the cost of things it is protecting. You already have a clearer idea that you spend a lot of money on your wedding event. On the other hand, the amount required to secure this precious event is much less.

Besides, there was a time when it was a luxury plan. But now the circumstances have changed, and most of the venue owners require you to have its basic coverage. 

What does it cover?

There are two main types of coverage plans under wedding insurance:

  • Cancellation Coverage

Anything bad can happen on your wedding day. It may cancel due to bad weather, any severe conditions like war situations, or serious health conditions. If such a situation occurs, Cancellation Coverage provides you complete coverage.

Cancellation coverage also protects you if your vendor goes out of business and it postpones your wedding event.

  • Liability Coverage

If you are liable to pay anything on your wedding day, liability coverage provides you full coverage. It is required by most of the venue owners. Almost every type of bodily injury, property damages, injury to your guests on the event is covered under it.

There are certain things that this insurance plan does not cover. Like if you rent some furniture from outside of the company or if there is a mix-up with cake. Also, if the bride or groom changes their heart, it will not cover you in case of cold feet. 

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