Recreational Vehicle Insurance

When you are traveling in your RV, basically, you are in a home that is on the road. Just like you buy homeowner insurance plans to protect your home, you need to protect it too. And to protect your mobile home, you need an insurance plan.

Suppose you are traveling on an adventurous road in your motorhome with your family. Suddenly, the engine of your motorhome stops working due to bad weather conditions. Now, what will you do? 

Besides, someone can steal your recreational vehicle, or it gets damaged in an accident.

Therefore, it is very important to pre-plan such incidents before leaving home. Think about worse conditions and make sure that you have taken all protectionary measures. Make sure that no condition will spoil your memorable tour. A right insurance plan can be a great help in such a situation.

Categories of Vehicles in RV Insurance plan 

The vehicles in this insurance policy have three categories:

  • Class A: Vehicles that are 75 feet’s long.
  • Class B: Small vehicles without cabin 
  • Class C: Lager vehicles like 5th wheelers

The cost of your insurance plan greatly depends upon the type of recreational vehicle you own. Usually, insurance companies have cheaper plans for Class B vehicles due to their small size. Whereas, vehicles from Class C have high cost insurance plans.

Special Coverages under Recreational Vehicle Insurance

There are some basic coverage plans by RV Insurance. These include the following:

  1. Coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  2. Protection to Personal Property
  3. Collision Coverage
  4. Comprehensive Coverage plan
  5. Limited Liability Coverage
  6. Coverage for Personal Injury Protection

Besides, RV Insurance provides some special coverage plans that other insurance plans do not provide. Let us have a look at them:

  1. Coverage for Customize Equipment
  2. Total Loss Replacement
  3. Assistance at Roadside
  4. Vacations Liability 

These four coverages have made the Recreational Vehicle Insurance Plan a highly customizable and user-centric policy.

Experts at MKZ Insurance provide high assistance to our clients to get the right policy for their beloved RV. If you want a plan for your RV in New Jersey, let us get in touch!