Personal Auto Insurance is an insurance policy used to protect vehicles of personal use. The owner of the vehicle buys this insurance plan to protect his vehicle from accidents. It mitigates the costs of auto accidents and lessens the burden on the policyholder’s pocket. Because instead of heavily paying for an accident, the owner pays for annual premiums. 


After buying this plan, your insurance company is liable to pay for almost every type of vehicle damage and auto-accidents. Therefore, it is reducing the owner’s tension and giving him relief both financially and mentally.


Personal Auto Insurance plans greatly depend upon your age and gender. One of the greatest factors is your driving experience and accident history. The amount of annual premiums increases significantly if you are having a bad driving history and a large number of accidents.


An individual can shape its own policy according to its needs. But this might be a problem for a layman to understand these technicalities. That’s why MKZ Insurance company is helping its customers in finding the right plan as per their requirements.


But what does it cover? Let us explore the answer to this question in the next section!


What type of coverages are provided in Personal Auto Insurance?

Here are some types of coverages provided by insurance companies in Personal Auto Insurance plan:


  • Coverage to Property

This type of coverage covers the damage to your own automobile (specifically car). It also includes the theft of your car.

  • Medical Coverage

All of the medical expenses in an accident are covered in Medical Coverage. Like expenses for treating injuries, paying for rehabilitation or funerals, etc.

  • Bodily Injury Liability

If your insured car/automobile does damage to someone else’s vehicle, the insurance company is liable to pay on your behalf. This coverage is basically Bodily Injury Liability.


Is it mandatory to have Personal Auto Insurance in New Jersey?

Yes! It is mandatory to have Personal Auto Insurance in New Jersey.

Having a Personal Auto Insurance varies from state to state. But almost every state has mandated to have bodily injury coverage. It is the minimum coverage required for car drivers. But it may be extended to have Medical and Personal Injury Policy.

MKZ Insurance helps you to find the best Personal Auto Insurance plan in New Jersey. We understand your condition better and analyze it for devising the most befitting plan for you.


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