Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance is an insurance plan that provides coverage to motorcycles and like vehicles such as scooters, and trikes, etc. Mopeds, sports bikes, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles are also insured under bike insurance plans. The insurance company bears all the costs if someone runs off with it or damages it in an accident.

Importance of Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles are small-sized vehicles that can easily be stolen. Not only stealing them is simple but also reselling and rebuilding them is easier than their theft. Motorcycle Insurance protects your bike, scooter, and a sports bike. 

Here are some crucial reasons to buy an insurance plan for bikes:

  1. Bikes small in size, therefore hard for the owner to overlook and take care of them.
  2. They have two wheels, and a minor inattention can result in dangerous accidents.
  3. There is no protection system like seat belts and airbags, etc. in motorcycles. Hence, collision with any vehicle can have severe consequences.
  4. The fast and high speed of bikes makes it problematic for others to see them on the road. In the end, its repercussions are threatening. 

To protect yourself, your bike, and others from all this fuss and tension, you need to have a bike insurance plan. It provides you different types of coverage and supports you financially to mitigate risks associated with your bike. Let us see some of the coverage plans provided by motorbike insurance:

  1. Coverage for Liability
  2. Comprehensive Coverage Plan
  3. Customized Motorcycle Parts Coverage
  4. Collision Insurance Coverage
  5. Coverage for Uninsured Motorist

And the list goes on!
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Types of Motorcycles in this Insurance plan 

You might be thinking which vehicle is considered a motorcycle in the eyes of an insurance providing company. A motorcycle is any vehicle that has two wheels and is supported by an engine and it is on the public roads. However, some insurance companies consider a three wheels vehicle as a motorcycle.

So, let us see a list of vehicles which are synonymous to motorcycle:

  1. Mopeds
  2. Sports Bike
  3. Scooter
  4. Antique and Vintage Bikes
  5. Trikes
  6. Travel bikes
  7. Customize Bikes
  8. Auto Cycles
  9. Snowmobiles

Besides, if you are a collector of bikes, you can get a tailored policy for your collection of bikes. 

Factors that affect on the cost of Motorcycle Insurance Plan

The cost of a bike insurance plan varies from person to person and state to state. Let us discover some of the major factors on which it depends:

  1. Age of the motorcyclist
  2. Driving record of motorcyclist
  3. Area/State where motorcyclist lives
  4. Age and Type of Motorcycle
  5. Number of miles the motorcyclist rides per year

It means you will have a different Motorcycle Insurance in New Jersey and a different plan in New York.

Choosing a right insurance plan for your motorcycle is as prudent as buying the motorcycle itself. Therefore, think diligently before buying a plan for your motorcycle. 

MKZ Insurance has professionals who guide clients to choose the right plan for their motorcycles regardless of motorcycle type.