Classic car owners are passionate and possessive about their cars. The car that you buy for pleasure is different from the vehicle that drives you from home to office or grocery. Similarly, there is a difference in the insurance plan of these automobiles too.

It is pertinent to save your precious and worthy cars that are beautifying your garage. The insurance plan you buy to protect your vintage cars is Classic Automobile Insurance. It does not matter if it’s standing still in your garage. Remember that it can be stolen or it might be damaged due to specific reasons.

MKZ Insurance suggests you buy an Antique Automobile Insurance plan for your classic car. After getting this plan, we will be liable to pay for any damage to your vintage car.

When a car is considered classic?

This question may come to your mind when you hear about Classic Automobile Insurance. You may also think that when an Insurance Company considers your car as a classic car.

The initial thought that comes to mind by hearing the word “classic” is old-fashioned or from the past. 

But the answer to this question is that it totally depends on the Insurance Company. Every company has its own criteria to categorize a car as a classic car.

Mostly they categorize it on the basis of a model that is not new in the current era. These models are now more precious than the time when they were launched.

Some new models may also be subject to this category if they are rare.

Factors to look on while buying a Customized Automobile Insurance

Whenever you are purchasing an insurance plan for customized cars, must look on the following factors:

  • Restrictions on Mileage

Check how many miles you can take with your customized or classic car. A seemingly less expensive policy may be applicable to a very number of miles you can travel with.

  • The expertise of the insurance company

Be sure that you are buying your insurance plan from a reliable company. It should have the capability to deal with classic car insurance plans. 

MKZ Insurance has dedicated staff for this domain. We have been dealing with classic cars for years!

  • Guaranteed Value

Be very careful about the agreed value of the policy. Make sure that it is according to the current value of your vintage car.

  • Decided Repair Shop

Inquire about the shop that is written for the repair process. Make sure that the chosen shop has the parts of and skills to deal with your classic car.

How can MKZ Insurance help you to get Classic Automobile Insurance in New Jersey?

MKZ Insurance has been working in the insurance policies of antique and customized automobiles for so long. Our special agents understand collectible cars and know what should be done to protect them. They make the right plan for you.

Let us get connected to plan a policy for your vintage car!