Insurance for Auto Service and Repair Businesses

Auto service businesses need the same kind of property and liability insurance coverage as other businesses. But auto service and repair shops face some unique situations that aren’t considered in regular business insurance policies. Not only that, but not all auto repair and service shops need the same kind or amount of insurance.

Here are just a few of the insurance situations your business may be faced with:

  • A customer’s vehicle is damaged while in your care
  • One of your employees injures himself while performing a repair
  • A power surge damages your diagnostic or computer equipment
  • An employees tools are stolen
  • One of your employees dumps solvent into a storm sewer
  • You damage a customers car while towing it

The specialist here at MKZ Insurance can analyze and put together an effective and economic program for your business from an array of products like Garagekeepers Liability, Products and Completed Products Liability, Pollution Liability, and On Hook Towing Insurance.

Our specialists can help with loss control, claim management, training – all ways to minimize your insurance costs and keep your business running.

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